Introducing the Dr. Chill by Impact

High- Performance & Elegant Design

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Introducing Dr.Chill by Impact

High- Performance & Elegant Design

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About us

Designed & developed in Austin, Texas

Founder Jonathan Levine once worked as a construction worker in the scorching heat of Austin, Texas. Enduring unbearable temperatures daily, he was driven to create a solution for himself and others. Jonathan envisioned and developed Dr. Chilly, a wearable neck cooling tube using PCM technology to stay cool for hours. This innovative product now helps countless individuals stay comfortable and safe in extreme conditions, providing immediate relief and refreshing coolness.

What we do

Superior design and craftmanship

Innovative cooling and design motivate everything we do. We have a deep passion for creating beautifully crafted, technically sophisticated cooling solutions. Only the finest materials supporting comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. Designing the ultimate cooling experience, while delivering best-in-class performance at every touchpoint.


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